Top 10 Best Low-Budget First Cars

For an automotive enthusiast the day he receives his driving licence is very important. However, even more important is the day he buys his first car. Often this decision takes a while of choosing, determining the best alternatives and then finding the right deal. To perhaps give you some ideas, I suggest you look at this top 10 of the best (European) low-budget first cars, starting with number 10.


10.) Alfa Romeo 156

Even though it`s front wheel drive, the Italian design in both – exterior and interior makes up for it.


9.) Volvo V70

A Swedish tank. Take your family, your friends and your dog with you anywhere you drive. Also, not a bad car for having sex in, or just sleeping in during some festivals or whatnot, you can have a whole king-size bed in the rear.


8.) VW Golf VR6

Economy car on steroids. Also a very good sleeper. No one would expect a VW Golf to hold a 2.6 litre engine under the hood. They might be in for a surprise.


7.) Audi Coupe Quattro

Similar to the A4 quattro, except for parts are a lot cheaper and you can find plenty of these to scrap parts from. Arguably, the coupe is the best looking among the B4 platform.

Mercedes 190 198301

6.) Mercedes 190e

The “Baby Benz”. The car which (it`s Cosworth modification) sparked the BMW M3 series. Arguably one of the most reliable Mercedes-Benz cars behind the W124. -

5.) BMW E34 

Bigger, more solid than the E36 and even if it might lack the sportiness, you can plenty of E34s with bigger engines than the E36 can handle. The catch is – you have to try to find one in a good condition. However, it is arguably one of the best looking cars you can get for a low budget and keep in mind that not so long ago this was a business class car.


4.) Mercedes-Benz C-Class (W202)

Maybe not as reliable as the 190e, altough you can find these in better condition. Originally the rival for the BMW E36. In winter, you`ll have many fun corners to remember.


3.) Saab 9-3

Even though this was manufactured when Saab was under the control of General Motors, it`s still 80% Saab. If you manage to find one with a 2.3 turbo engine, you`re in for a good time. Also, as it is a hatchback, you can fit plenty of stuff in the back.


2.) Audi A4 Quattro

Here I would suggest picking a 1.8 turbo engine, sufficient power and all wheel drive can provide you with many good memories about winter. Just don`t forget to haul a rope in the trunk so that you can pull out people who are stuck or have found themselves in a ditch. Also – arguably, this car is rust-proof.


1.) BMW E36

Good price, rock-solid reliability (from personal experience), rear wheel drive and a wide variety of possible chassis – touring, sedan, coupe, compact, convertible. As well as you might even find one with a M sports package as well as a decent engine (325i or 328i, both around 200hp).


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