Best Front Wheel Drive Cars You Can Get

Classical drive (or rear wheel drive) is often considered the best there is and rwd cars, despite less manufacturers willing to produce them, are considered the top sports cars or the best enthusiast`s cars. This might be true, however, not all front wheel drive cars are dull and boring. To prove this point, I offer you a list of the fwd, which, in my humble opinion, are the best there are.


Saab 900 turbo

A genuinely fun and fast Swedish tank. Definitely a modern classic. And arguably the best car Sweden has ever produced.


VW Corrado VR6

Might be rather hard to find, but still this might be one of the best sports VWs out there.


Opel Calibra

I`ve always kinda liked the old Calibras. Maybe it`s because of the coupe design, maybe because of their history of racing in DTM, anyhow, done properly, might be one of the most original and coolest fwd cars.


Peugeot 205 Gti

A rich history of rallying in the golden era – B Group. Although the Gti version might be hard to find, I suggest you hold onto it once you obtain it, these cars might be worth a lot more in the upcoming decades.


Audi Coupe

Unfortunately, not all Audis made were quattros. Even the ones without quattro are considered to be pretty cool cars.


Citroen DS

Not so much a modern classic as a real classic. If you have the money to buy one of these, this might attract a lot of attention and it would be no shame rolling up in a Citroen DS to a public event, you might end up being a lot cooler than the guys in their Range Rovers.


Ford Fiesta

Although not an old car, the new Ford Fiesta can be considered a modern modern rally car (which they are).


Volvo C30

Drop all the Twilight references and this comes off as a very cool Swedish hatch.


Mini Cooper

The original hot hatch. Probably the coolest fwd car you can get. Feel free to insert your Italian Job reference here.


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