Making It Different: Alpina


It is often said about Mercedes-Benz cars that a Mercedes can`t be made any better, it can be made different. I think the story is similar with BMW and one of BMW`s aftermarket tuner`s Alpina. BMW cars (especially the older models) usually seem very pure and raw, connected and responsive as well as emotionally engaging. Even if this might be the definition of automotive purity, I think that if it can be made any better then it is through Alpina models which somehow manage to escalate BMW to a whole new level, away from being a consumer car to being an enthusiast`s car. Perhaps because, although the blonde wives of rich husbands might seem to know car brands as Mercedes, Porsche, BMW, I highly doubt that they have heard about Alpina. And that essentially is what makes these cars so different, so much purer, more dedicated.


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