The Best Cars For Having Fun In Winter

Winter is coming. Now it is almost here, depending on the region you`re in. If you`re living in the North where in the winter there is a lot of snow, you would probably want to store your classic car in a garage for the time being and perhaps find a nice daily driver for winter. There are many good options to choose from, but these I would consider to be the most fun winter cars, because the best way to have fun in winters is by sliding, whether it is boarding or skiing down a mountain or sliding with your car.


Audi Quattro (A4 B5)

You can`t go wrong with an awd Audi as a choice for winter car. I suggest to choose from the A4/S4 lineup since it`s easier to handle smaller cars in a slide than large cars (like the A6, A8). My personal preference would be the A4 B5 1.8 turbo.


BMW 3 Series (E36)

If you can learn to handle BMWs rear wheel drive on a slippery surface, you`re gonna have lots of fun this winter. 50/50 weight distribution, manual transmission and rwd drive in my opinion would be the perfect combination for a winter car. If looking for a cheap winter car, BMW E36 can be considered a viable option because it has all these properties and is pretty cheap to fix in case anything goes wrong. An E36 touring would be perfect because not only does it look so damn awesome to see a station wagon sliding around, you can also take a lot of friends with you and/or pack it up with your snowboard or skis and go have fun on the mountain.

C 36 AMG (202)

Mercedes-Benz C-Class (W202)

A pretty good alternative to the E36 would be the W202, the suspension is softer so it`s easier passing the occasional pothole when going sideways as well as the star on the hood can be used as a pretty accurate measure of your angle.


The only thing you need to remember is to use good winter tires, they really do go a long way in ensuring having a safe and fun winter. 

Do you agree about these cars? Which ones do you consider to be the best winter cars?

Stay pure.


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